We are pleased to present 2023 Annual Report from the IWT Platform, showcasing the significant achievements and collaborative efforts of the five expert IWTP Committees in in alignment with the 2023 Working Plan.

Overview of the 2023 Annual Report:

The Innovation and Greening Committee worked on developing a comprehensive strategy and roadmap, conducting surveys, and engaging in European consultations, the committee ensured that innovation and sustainability remained at the forefront of our efforts.

In the realm of digitalization, our Digital Agenda Rollout saw fruitful collaborations with the European Commission, the Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine, and various experts. Through active participation in forums and initiatives like the Digital Transport and Logistics Forum and the DINA Initiative, we pushed the boundaries of digital integration within inland navigation.

The Infrastructure Committee focused on improving the quality and resilience of IWT infrastructure. By tailoring co-funding calls and advocating within the Trans-European Transport Network framework (TEN-T), the committee worked on topics such as water quality, nature conservation, and drought issues, ensuring the long-term sustainability of the waterways.

The Social & Education Committee dedicated itself to enhancing work conditions, training, and education for inland navigation members. Key initiatives included compliance with the Professional Qualifications Directive and the development of the Branding & Recruitment initiative to address workforce shortages, ensuring that our sector remains well-equipped for the future.

The Safety & Environment Committee worked to improve safety and environmental standards. Collaborating with regulatory and advisory bodies, the committee addressed waste management, hazardous goods transport, and security concerns, always aiming to safeguard our navigation activities and protect the environment.

The Nautical & Technical Committee ensured that IWT operations remain safe, sustainable, and efficient. Through active participation in CESNI meetings, development of standards like ES-TRIN, and promotion of new technologies, the committee maintained our commitment to cutting-edge, safety-focused, and environmentally friendly regulations.