The Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine (CCNR), in partnership with the European Commission (EC), published the new thematic report “An assessment of new market opportunities for inland waterway transport”.

Download the report in PDF format (in English) or view online here!

New markets in inland navigation become essential in the framework of a transition towards a more sustainable transport sector and a climate neutral Europe. Inland navigation in the 21st century also faces several bottlenecks both on the supply and demand sides. For example, on the supply side – low waters and their negative effects, while on the demand side – the outlook for several goods segments points to saturation or even decline (e.g. coal). While the energy transition changes the product portfolio of inland navigation, it also creates potentials, in the form of new markets. New markets require from the inland waterway sector certain adaptations. The reason is that new markets trigger not only a change in the product portfolio, but also new types of logistics, new types of vessels and new areas of operation.

The following new markets for IWT have been identified:

1) Urban passenger and freight transport by inland vessels.

2) New cargo flows stimulated by circular economy strategies.

3) Transport of renewable energies or components for their generation.

The report shows that new markets for IWT exist with high potentials.
However, they are not yet sufficiently developed or not yet fully exploited by IWT.

Source: CCNR full press-release