The Port of Rotterdam, in collaboration with the Province of Zuid Holland and over 40 partners, has embarked on an ambitious project to remodel inland and near-shore shipping through the use of hydrogen. The Condor H2 initiative aims to support the operation of 50 emission-free vessels by 2030, with a goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 100,000 tons annually. By providing a modular and affordable solution on a pay-per-use basis, Condor H2 enables vessel owners to transition to zero-emission shipping on key routes in north-west Europe.

Modular, Scalable, and Affordable Solution

Condor H2 facilitates emission-free shipping by offering fuel-cells equipped with a battery pack and hydrogen storage on a pay-per-use basis. This approach minimizes upfront investments for ship owners while providing the necessary infrastructure for sustainable operations. To ensure flexibility during longer journeys, the project utilizes “tanktainers” for hydrogen delivery. These tanktainers can be easily loaded onto vessels and quickly swapped when empty.

Collaboration Across the Value Chain

Condor H2 brings together six ports and more than 40 partners from various sectors involved in the value chain of hydrogen-powered shipping. This extensive collaboration covers hydrogen suppliers, distributors, technology providers, and shipowners, ensuring a comprehensive approach to the implementation of emission-free shipping practices. The project’s objective is to have the first vessels utilizing the Condor H2 system sailing by 2025.

RH2INE Network

Condor H2 integrates the Rhine Hydrogen Integration Network of Excellence (RH2INE) network, a cooperative initiative encompassing ports, regional governments, and market participants along the Rhine corridor. With participation from Belgium, the Netherlands, and Switzerland, the network aims to drive zero-emission shipping practices in the region. By leveraging this purpose-driven network, Condor H2 benefits from the collective expertise and resources of like-minded partners committed to scaling up sustainable shipping solutions.

Source: Port of Rotterdam