Source – EIT Urban Mobility

As part of our ENTRANCE project, we want to inform you about the open Call for Innovation for the Business Plan 2023-2025!

This year´s Call for Innovation focuses on the same four City Challenges as last year: Active Mobility, Sustainable City Logistics, Energy and Mobility, and Future Mobility. Retaining the same Challenge Areas was a decision made in consultation with the community.
The overall purpose of the Innovation Programme is to resolve challenges facing European cities to improve citizens’ lives, by taking innovative ideas and putting them to the test in real life.

Urban mobility challenges include issues such as equality of access, eco-efficiency, physical and digital safety, harnessing of new technologies, population growth, and air quality. Within the action orientated innovation, we also address the regulatory and behavioural changes needed to improve urban life quality.

The Innovation Programme co-creates ideas that lead to the proposal of projects, the demonstration of new solutions, the development of living labs, and the creation of commercial value. Over 250 urban mobility challenges were identified by cities across Europe. These challenges were reworked into 9 wider ‘Challenge Areas’.

Application deadline is 28 April 2022.

For more information about contact details, key dates, list of documents to be submitted, evaluation criteria and more, please follow this link.