Accelerating the market access and scale up of “first of a kind” zero emissions sustainable transport solutions.

How can Europe boost the uptake and upscaling of innovative transport and mobility solutions? On January 14th, 15 organizations from 7 different European countries, coordinated by PNO Consultants, met during an online Kick-Off-Meeting of the ENTRANCE project, which started its work on 1st January 2021. Their goal is to create a European matchmaking platform for innovative transport and mobility tools and services. The project is funded with a grant amount of 1.5 million euro by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program. The consortium will work together for 3 years to create the matchmaking platform aimed at propelling Europe’s innovative transport and mobility solutions forward.

 Climate change and the resulting European climate protection measures are leading to major challenges in all areas of transport and mobility. ENTRANCE offers a legitimate European matchmaking platform and complementary off-line services designed to mobilise financial resources to accelerate the market access and scale up of “first of a kind” sustainable and zero emission transport solutions, thereby reducing the European CO2 emissions and pollutants caused by the transport and mobility sector.

Are you building Europe’s sustainable mobility system? Then ENTRANCE is where you need to be. The overall concept focus of the ENTRANCE project lies in the “supply-demand-finance” triangle that is envisaged for all transport and mobility modes and that aims at facilitating matchmaking between the providers of innovative technologies, products and services, buyers and investors. Through the ENTRANCE Matchmaking accelerator funnel workflow, first-of-a-kind zero, or near-to-zero, emission transport solutions will be identified, attracted and matched with potential buyers, and financing opportunities and knowledge on good practices on the deployment of innovative solutions, as well as European and national tenders and legislation will be exchanged through the online platform.

Are you ready to bring your solution to market? ENTRANCE has got your back. Training and brokerage activities will be executed to increase the maturity of the ENTRANCE community and bridge the gap between innovative solutions and the market. In addition, to de-risk the uptake of innovative solutions, ENTRANCE will facilitate purchase aggregation through matchmaking activities and by setting up a neutral trustee for the orchestration of purchase aggregations. Access to finance will be supported through an online funding programme database and individual and personalized innovation finance advice and support will be offered. The funding advice will combine public funding, private investment opportunities, and the best mix of alternative finance models for solution providers. Finally, ENTRANCE will facilitate cross-fertilisation and clustering activities with European transport and mobility associations and initiatives to support critical mass and achieve a coordinated European effort to boost the uptake and upscaling of innovative transport and mobility solutions.

Everybody is welcome to join ENTRANCE and help contribute to the ambitious goals envisaged by the European Commission for reducing the transport CO2 emissions by 2030 and 2050 and respond to the increasing mobility needs of people and goods thereby strengthening the European competitiveness and boosting growth and jobs.

ENTRANCE has received funding from the European Union´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under Grant Agreement No. 101006681.

The consortium is looking forward to a successful cooperation so stay tuned for more updates on the activities of the ENTRANCE Matchmaking Platform, which will be established within the course of the project.

The consortium consists of following organizations:

– PNO Consultants, Spain,
– Innovation Engineering s.r.l.,
– TRI-VIZOR nv, Belgium,
– ITS Norge – Norsk Forening For Multimodale Intelligente Transport Systemer Og Tjenester, Norway,
– Aerospace Valley, France,
– Instituto Tecnológico De Aragón, Spain,
– Associacio Railgrup, Spain,
– Vlaams Instituut Voor De Logistiek VZW, Belgium,
– Alliance For Logistics Innovation Through Collaboration In Europe – ALICE, Belgium,
– EurA AG, Germany,
– European Shippers´ Council, Belgium,
– CrowdfundingHub, Netherlands,
– EIT KIC Urban Mobility s.l., Spain,
– BABLE GmbH, Germany,
– European Inland Waterway Transport (IWT) Platform, Belgium

Press contact: Christina Petersen, EurA AG
email:, tel.: +49 4662 61477-67

Project coordinator: Jeanett Bolther, PNO Innovation, S.L.
email:, tel +34 667 014 124.

Nik Delmeire
26 January 2021