As every year, the IWT Platform would like to publicly share the Annual Report, 2021 edition. 
We prepared for you – inland navigation and waterborne sectors’ communities and other interested stakeholders – a comprehensive overview of the IWT Platform’s activities and achievements from the preceding year. We want to inform you of the Platform’s overall performance and vision for the challenging future.

To view a full report – click HERE! 

The report has the following chapters and covers the work of the IWT Platform’s Committees:

  1. IntroductionCoordination of the Platform in 2021 & IWT Platform’s objectives
  2. Innovation & Greening CommitteeSustainability in inland navigation
  3. Environment & Safety CommitteeWaste and safety regulations 
  4. Social & Education CommitteeSocial and education regulations 
  5. Nautical & Technical CommitteeTechnical regulations in inland navigation
  6. Infrastructure CommitteeMaintaining and improving inland waterways 

Enjoy reading!

IWT Platform team