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Date  Event Place
17 November 2022 Role of IWT in the framework of EU’s mobility and supply policy by EBU Brussels
26-27 October 2022 ReNEW project – Kick-off meeting Brussels
20 October 2022 Pioneers international conference: Shaping the green port of the future Antwerpen
19-20 October 2022 PLATINA3 project – 5th Stage Event Budapest
12-13 October 2022 Danube Business Talks 2022 Linz
29 September 2022 RIS COMEX Final Event Berlin
15 September 2022 IWT Platform Board & Advisory Board Meetings Brussels
14 September 2022 ReNEW project – Virtual Kick-off meeting Virtual meeting
8-9 September 2022 Workshop Digitalization by the Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine Strasbourg