The 36th meeting of the UNECE ADN Security Committee took place in Geneva at the end of January 2020, with some significant progress. The decisions taken will be reflected in the next issue of the ADN, which will enter into force on 1 January 2021. Other issues developed in low speed. The permanent topics of recent years, the autonomous protection systems and the explosion protection concept, needed light corrections. In is not clear whether and how much corrections will follow.

There were major discussions on the following topics:

  1. Transitional regulations for autonomous protection systems

The transitional regulations for autonomous protection systems have been shortened by 4 years in the sense of a legal adjustment. It is to be assumed that the Multilateral Agreement 018 will be withdrawn in the foreseeable future – probably by the end of 2020 ?!

  1. Transitional period Loading Calculators

The transitional period for the introduction of certified loading calculators has expired. It was confirmed that loading calculators are recommended, but not always mandatory. If all cargo cases can be mapped with the stability manual, this is sufficient.

  1. New control list

The inspection lists for ships transporting dangerous goods in accordance with have been revised. Since March 2020, the revised lists can be downloaded from the UNECE website:

  1. Limitation of the quantities transported (dry cargo)

The rules in ADN 2019, which were so far difficult to understand, were completely restructured and clarified in accordance with the industry’s proposals. In terms of content, however, there should be no changes in the content in comparison to the previous editions oft he ADN.

  1. Working groups membrane tanks / Loading on top / Degassing

The ADN 2021 will receive new building regulations for membrane tanks after the elaboration of the Membrane Tanks Working Group.

The Degassing Working Group is still a long way from a common view of things.

The issue of loading on top is now better structured and driven forward with a positive will to reach an agreement. However, the work is still rather far from a result.

  1. Next meeting

At the next meeting, progress is expected regarding the work permitted on board of ships transporting dangerous goods ships and the regulations regarding loading / unloading speed.