Routescanner is a new online container routing platform that presents the time schedules directly from their partners which are leading both ocean and inland operators. The platform is a neutral tool and openly accessible.

The platforms main goal is to facilitate more sustainable and more efficient container transport worldwide. Shipping goods should be made easy. Also, transparency in container routing options will facilitate and support sustainable and efficient supply chains and transport. Hence, Routescanner is providing reliable schedule information online so you can find an optimal solution for your cargo.

How does it work?

Based on your search query, Routescanner will present all the options available over all modalities. Simply enter the starting point (whether it is a city, a port or a terminal), add the destination and the time when you will be ready to load the container, and voilà! All the options that fit your search query will be showed.

When you can plan better, you can execute better!

The network currently (as of end October 2021) includes:
– Over 209 000 ocean & inland schedules
– 4 153 connected terminals
– 109 participating operators, and
– 786 ports and inland hubs.

As the Routescanner platform is still relatively new, its team is focusing on connecting as many inland and ocean operators as possible.
You can reach out to Routescanner team if you have any questions –

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