“Autonomous sailing” and “Resilience” clusters

In a time where climate changes, as well as a shortage of staff, put the whole transport system under pressure, IWT’s autonomous shipping can contribute to a less stressed and more resilient transport system.

Projects Cristal, IW-NET, Novimove, Ploto, and ReNEW will offer insight to:

  • State-of-the-art solutions, targeting climate-resilient and environmentally sustainable inland waterways transport infrastructures allowing rapid deployment after disruptive events
  • How these innovative solutions can maximize the positive impact on economic growth, as well as minimize the negative impact on the environment
  • How smart, green, sustainable and climate-resilient infrastructure can lead to environmentally friendly modes of transport and the reduction of transport emissions
  • New governance models that enable cooperation across institutional, modal and national boundaries
  • Regarding data sharing between infrastructure monitoring, RIS and emergency systems through IWT data spaces and digital twins

Projects like Autoship, Autobarge, Seamless, Aegis, and Moses …. address autonomous sailing as an alternative for expensive and hard-to-find crews and tell us:

  • how autonomy and innovation will enable competitive, smaller and flexible vessels
  • about the main obstacles and bottlenecks faced when trying to move cargo from road to autonomous sailing on inland waterways
  • about the complexity of autonomous shipping: remote control, monitoring, smart logistics and all regulatory aspects
  • insight into how efficient cargo handling can be applied
  • about the societal effects of moving cargo from the road and by introducing autonomy
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