For one brief moment, we are going to step aside from our usual theme in order to bring to your attention the InvestHorizon Accelerator, in case you or your network might be of interest!

InvestHorizon fosters the investment readiness of Europe’s ambitious high-tech companies.

The Accelerator is supporting already 450 companies and is looking for the last 50 companies to join!

The Investment Accelerator fast tracks the fund-raising efforts and investment relations for selected companies. Successful applicants will become part of the Accelerator for a period of four to six months. Impact Data shows that our first 131 companies raised over EUR 53 million in 2019 and 2020. InvestHorizon is financed and promoted by the European Commission in association  with Eureka and delivered by a consortium coordinated by Tech Tour.

How to apply?

Check, if your company is eligible and apply. The last deadline for applications is the 28th of May 2021 

How is the InvestHorizon Accelerator different and how will you benefit?

  • free of charge, no equity required, just your time commitment;
  • time-efficient & customized programme to focus on your investment challenges;
  • online activities (you only travel if investors are confirmed to see your presentation and to meet you);
  • peer business recommendations and investor introductions in online collaborative experience; and
  • online bootcamps, pitching academies, pitching and epitching events only when it makes sense and where you really will present to active investors.

If you want to learn more details about InvestHorizon accelerator, watch 2-minute explainer video here.


Join the Q&A biweekly online session in zoom.
For more detailed info, please contact Ms Denitsa Deneva via email:

On behalf of the InvestHorizon Team,
IWT Platform