On the 8th April 2019, EBU/ESO/IWT Platform sent  a letter “EBIS-OCIMF” to the board of EBIS. EBIS has plans to merge with OCIMF and our industry faces serious concerns. Our main concern is to keep informed and have influence on the processes and training of EBIS-inspectors after the merger.

On 24th   April 2019, the board of directors answered our letter. Unfortunately, many answers were temporary answers, as in the process of merger not all details could be clarified for that moment. Our industry was of the opinion that also the option should be investigated to keep EBIS as it is for the next 5 years as it is a stable, effective and proven uniform Inspection Scheme. Our industry worries about companies which have no sea water access, not to be willing to join OCIMF and to introduce their own inspection system (and then, we are back in the ‘90’s before EBIS was established). Regarding those concerns, a second letter has been sent to the board of directors of EBIS and to all members as our industry is insisting to be treated as counterpart.

In the 17th of January, EBU/ESO were invited to speak with the directors of EBIS during the Management Committee meeting and with a Q&A form, more answers about EBIS in the near future have come clear. EBU and ESO will be involved during the Management of Change process. Besides, representatives of our industry will be invited to become member of the European Barge Focus Group of OCIMF, where EBIS is ‘accommodated’.