Up-to-date information is essential for trustworthy trip and route planning for skippers and logistic service providers. It is crucial to have 24/7 access to static and dynamic data that gives a current picture of the condition on the waterways. For this reason, a group of 13 European nations has created a whole new online ecosystem.

Users of waterways can arrange their trip and arrival times across Europe using this new platform at www.eurisportal.eu in a simple setting. Before, skippers had to check out all the pertinent information from various websites and information sources, especially for cross-border journeys. EuRIS now provides a one-stop shop for all pertinent fairway and traffic-related data by bringing together data from 13 nations in one location.

Real-time information

Skippers and other users have access to real-time data at all times and can learn about the current traffic conditions on their shipping lane, wait times, incidents, or other delays that may affect journey time. They can also divulge information, like their ETA, to others. To preserve privacy, every piece of information is in a secure setting.

Interconnected inland navigation network in Europe

The platform includes the seven major corridors (Rhine, Danube, Elbe, Moselle, Dunkirk – Scheldt, Amsterdam – Antwerp – Liège, Amsterdam – Antwerp – Brussels) in addition to many more major interconnected inland waterways in Europe.

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Romania, Serbia, and Slovakia make up the current alliance. This jointly created cross-border system, which is unique in its scope and high-value services provided, is the product of the collaboration. Depending on demands and user requirements, the countries will continue their collaboration to create the platform in the upcoming years.


Source: EuRIS – European River Information Services (mailchi.mp)