Together with partners, the PLATINA3 team has prepared a great program for the upcoming Budapest sessions on the 7th and 8th of April, hosted by the Danube Commission.

You will be able to virtually attend keynote speeches by the newly-elected President of the Danube Commission, high-ranking representatives of the European Commission and from the Danube countries, members of the European Parliament and from the business community.

The opening session will be followed by 7 thematic sessions, addressing key challenges and opportunities in inland navigation such as the transition to zero-emission shipping, the integration of inland navigation into supply chains, and smart waterways and autonomous navigation.

Please take a look at the agenda to already get an idea of the variety of topics covered in-depth.

The IWT Platform is involved thoroughly in PLATINA3 project. One of our main contributions is related to the Work Package on Market and will touch upon the reduction of economic and financial barriers to modal shift. We will produce a report on economic barriers to modal shift, challenges & best practices; and also recommendations. At the same time, we will contribute to the Work Packages on Fleet, Infrastructure & Roadmaps and Stakeholder Engagement.

The PLATINA3 Budapest sessions will provide a unique opportunity to exchange ideas with experts and policymakers and learn about the latest developments.

You can already register for this event on

We hope to meet you virtually soon!

On behalf of Martin Quispel (EICB, PLATINA3 project coordinator) and Manfred Seitz (director general of the Secretariat of Danube Commission, host),

European IWT Platform

PS. Please accept our apologies in case you receive multiple invitations.
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