In March 2022, a group of experts representing all relevant private and public stakeholders discussed the implementation of the Naiades III action programme.

Given the timeconstraints, just a selection of the many action points could be addressed. If you are interested in what the national plans of Member States are and what goes on with respect to State Aid, you can go to the minutes of the meetings as well as to the presentations. When going through the minutes you will also read what has been discussed about ongoing policy initiatives for example in the field of jobs and skills, Ten-T regulation as well as the RIS-directive and digitalisation of the sector in general.

Addressed as well were the Commission’s funding programmes to which the industry is strongly invited to participate. Last but not least the “ Taxonomy”  topic was brought to the table; an important one since it will regulate the access the industry will have ( or not) to  favourable financial means needed to invest in a greener fleet.

Last but not least, it is worthwhile to repeat that the Platina 3 project  of which we are partner, assists the Commission with the realisation of Naiades III. And, by the way, do not forget to register for the next two Platina 3 events; it allows you to have your say as well!