On October 26 and 27, more than 50 people came together for the first time in person at the ReNEW project (Resilience-centric Smart, Green, Networked EU Inland Waterways) Kick-off Meeting in Brussels.

The 24 ReNEW partners from 11 countries will work under the coordination of the European IWT Platform toward resilient-focused smart, green, and networked EU inland waterways during the next three years.

To do this, the project will expand on prior successes, take advantage of opportunities for collaboration with other programs and projects, and provide:

  • a multidisciplinary decision-support framework for IWT resilience and sustainability
  • solutions for resilient and sustainable infrastructure that are specifically targeted
  • a generic Digital Twin and Green Resilient IWT Dataspace
  • four Living Labs, including the rivers of Ghent and the Douro

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