On 29th September 2022, the Final Event celebrating the end of the RIS COMEX took place in Berlin. Stakeholders representing the interests of different audiences presented and demonstrated the considerable results of this project.

As Coordinator of the European IWT Platform, Nik Delmeire gave the view of the inland waterway sector on the outcome of the project. 

By making use of both EuRIS and CEERIS barge owners and operators will not only be able to make their daily operations more digital but also much more efficient and cost-effective. Looking at it from a broader perspective, this “digital backbone” will help to get better integrated into multimodal supply chains which is key when it comes to realizing the EU’s Modal Shift Targets. 

An eye opener also was the fact that, apparently, already in 2005 the concept of River Information Services contained ideas which are today further developed in the context of DTLF. Once more this proves that when it comes to continuous innovation IWT is not to be underestimated! 

Hopefully, this was not just the celebration of the end of RIS COMEX, but also of the start of … RIS COMEX 2. 0! 

Read the Press Release by RIS COMEX

Photos: © Dirk Michael Deckbar