In-depth information about the ICPDR‘s exciting 2021 year, including changes to the two Management Plans, the return of in-person Danube Day events, and the completion of the fourth Joint Danube Survey, is provided in the 2021 Annual Report (JDS4). This wide range of ICPDR activities is shown in the annual report for 2021. It exemplifies the ICPDR‘s ongoing dedication, which is required by the Danube River’s many facets.

The Danube River Basin Management Plan (DRBM Plan) and the Danube Flood Risk Management Plan were two important projects that saw the conclusion of their six-year cycle in 2021. (DFRM Plan). The ICPDR conducted its public consultation process for the DRMBP and DFRMP Updates 2021 from March to September. Through this process, the general public and ICPDR stakeholders were able to offer suggestions and views that were taken into account for the draft plans that would direct the ICPDR’s work up until the 2027 update.

The fourth Joint Danube Survey, the most extensive global investigative surface water monitoring project, which also takes place once every six years, is described in the report along with the updates. Hundreds of professionals from Danube countries and other entities participated in the fourth Joint Danube Survey in conjunction with the ICPDR. The survey gives a current and complete picture of the condition of the Danube River Basin, including its tributaries, surface water bodies, and groundwater. The public and scientific communities can access the final results online and have them published.

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