CESNI/QP meeting:

  • A working group prepared two documents:
  1. A European model for examinations on management level.
  2. A draft of the standards for the practical examination in order to obtain a certificate of qualification on operational level.
    Experts are going to develop this further and finalize it for the CESNI committee.
  • ES-QIN standards, we have a shared wish to, for example, set the standardized communication phrases in ES-QIN.
    In ES-QIN, we can find standards that we develop together: either mandatory or recommendations that are up to the Member States.
  • Standardized communication phrases in four languages. In CESNI/QP, we went through the scheme and made some improvements.

CESNI/QP/crew, roadmap to new manning requirements almost finished:

  • In the temporary working group CESNI/QP/crew, we had a discussion on preliminary conclusions and recommendations for possible ways to setting up manning requirements. It is important to develop new legislation. Legislation with more flexibility and possibilities to keep up with new developments like automation; to make the framework future proof. Another important issue is the requirements should be sufficiently enforced, also by of means real-time control instruments. The Committee Social and Education will be asked for a last advice. In June, we are expecting the roadmap.