The European IWT-Platform is proud to announce its recent membership as a Type C member of the Sustainable Transport Forum (STF), effective from 7th February 2023. This collaboration signifies a significant milestone in the platform’s dedication to promoting sustainable mobility and alternative transport fuels within Europe.

The Sustainable Transport Forum (STF) is dedicated inter alia to the preparation of policy initiatives in the field of sustainable mobility and infrastructure policy, with a particular focus on alternative transport fuels. 

As a Type C member, the European IWT Platform will provide advice and technical expertise regarding the development and implementation of innovative and sustainable initiatives benefiting the EU transport system. 

Furthermore, the platform will serve as a facilitator of information exchange, fostering collaborations and partnerships among various IWT industry stakeholders. By sharing insights and expertise, the European IWT Platform aims to support the advancement of initiatives, projects, and partnerships related to alternative transport fuels and infrastructure. 

The European IWT Platform looks forward to actively engaging with the STF and contributing to the development of policy recommendations that will shape the future of sustainable mobility. By collaborating with like-minded organizations and stakeholders, the IWT Platform aims to foster innovation, enhance infrastructure, and encourage the use of alternative transport fuels to further promote a greener IWT Sector

The Sustainable Transport Forum is composed of 60 members, including up to 30 member organizations (Type C), with an additional 20 on the reserve list. It also comprises 27 Member States (Type D) and a minimum of three other public entities (Type E). The inclusion of the European IWT Platform in this prestigious group further solidifies its position as a key advocate for sustainable transport solutions throughout Europe.

Janeta Toma, Senior Policy Officer represents the IWT Platform within the STF. This appointment reinforces the IWT Platform’s dedication to actively promoting greener inland navigation and its commitment to sustainable development.

For more information on the Sustainable Transport Forum (STF) and its policy recommendations, please visit their official website.


Author: Janeta Toma