The CDNI Committee is preparing an international survey on the level of service provided for the disposal of oil and greasy waste.

The CDNI Committee is currently working intensively on an international survey on the existing level of service with regard to the disposal of oily and greasy waste in the respective Contracting States.

• How much waste is discharged or deposited, where and how often?
• How satisfactory is the disposal process?
• What differences can be identified between the various disposal systems?

The answers to these questions are intended to provide an important basis for assessing what the provision of service should look like in the future and how the disposal fee will possibly develop to help provide this increased service.

The last two years have shown that the disposal costs exceed the revenues. The cumulative surplus is therefore gradually decreasing. It is time to analyse the system in order to be able to identify future necessary adjustments, especially in the way the CDNI system is funded. At present with a contribution to the system based solely on the literage of diesel fuel delivered to the vessel, an imbalance is forming with greasy wastes being produced by barges using battery power or gas propulsion that do not contribute to the system.

It remains to be discussed who will conduct and evaluate the survey and how to achieve a high level of participation in the survey.

Elena Vostrikov

1 December 2020

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