The Board of the Co-Programmed collaboration has chosen its strategy for 2023, showcasing a sizeable amount of investments.

The Additional Activities Plan 2023, which outlines the investments anticipated by the sector and is required to achieve EU-wide zero-emission waterborne transport, was recently adopted by the Board overseeing the Co-Programmed Partnership on Zero-Emission Waterborne Transport within the framework of Horizon Europe. Through cutting-edge technologies and methods, the Partnership seeks to pioneer and hasten the transformation of waterborne transportation (including maritime and inland navigation) in order to completely eliminate all harmful environmental emissions, such as greenhouse gases and other air, water, and other pollutants. By 2030, deployable zero-emission solutions for all major ship types and services are to be developed and demonstrated, laying the groundwork for zero-emission maritime transportation by 2050.

The proposal for extra activities in 2023 calls for investments in the amount of EUR 485 million:

  • more R&D and innovation;
  • technology scaling up;
  • examples of these innovative technologies; and the development of new business opportunities;
  • training and skill development;
  • contribution to the creation of new standards;
  • regulations and policies;
  • aiding in the development of ecosystems;
  • aiding in communication, dissemination, awareness-raising, and citizen engagement.

These Volunteer activities Activties support the Partnership’s goals. Half of the total investments anticipated for the period 2021– 2030 have already been committed by the waterborne transport industry, reaching EUR 1.5 billion for the period June 2021–31 December 2023.


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