The European Commission  adopted a package of measures to support transport sector. This package contains various measures that will provide significant relief to the transport sector by solving practical problems, removing administrative burdens, and increasing flexibility. The package includes measures to support the aviation, rail, maritime, inland navigation and road sectors, ensuring that no single player is hit harder than any other, as the entire sector moves on from the travel restrictions put in place during the corona-virus pandemic. Additional proposals may follow in the coming weeks.

Part of the package concerns attached proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council laying down specific and temporary measures in view of COVID-19 outbreak and concerning the validity of certain certificates, licences and authorizations and the postponement of certain periodic checks and training in certain areas of transport legislation. This proposal extends the certificate for inland vessels for six months, and the medical certificates for boat masters for six months (page 13/14 and page 22/23). This is in line with our plea for flexibility and extension of validates of certificates. It still needs approval by the Council and the European Parliament.