The European Institutions have recently released a number of brand new policy initiatives, like a European Green Deal and Fit for 55, that will have a profound effect on the European transport system. Among their common threads are CO2 reduction and greening, Modal Shift boost, energy taxation, digitalisation, sustainability and automation, to name just a few.

Practical actions and measures taken as a consequence of these policies will, most definitely, affect the cost components in all transport modes that will further lead to a change of their market price. As a result, we can expect an alteration in the market share between various transport modes. For example, developments in road and rail transport are going to impact Inland Navigation sector. Other influencing factors are human behaviour and preferences, available alternative options regarding cargo transport, and time component whether we focus on short- or long-term effects. There is a vast number of very unclear parameters and variables that are going to determine the future of Inland Navigation.

IWT Platform therefore wants to commission a third party to design a simulation tool that will allow to imitate impact of these new EU policies and above-mentioned factors on Inland Navigation. Their effects on financial costs, pricing, business case, modal shift and any other IWT-relevant aspects need a proper quantification. The outcome of the simulation will allow us not only to feed the policy makers, but also to support the barge owners / operators.

If you think you could help us reaching this ambitious objective, do not hesitate to send your proposal to our coordinator, Mr Nik Delmeire: 

Thank you!
IWT Platform Team