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PIONEERS project

16 January 2022|0 Comments

Portable Innovation Open Network for Efficiency and Emissions Reduction Solutions Objective PIONEERS project addresses the challenges faced by European ports to reduce their environmental impact while remaining competitive in a sector characterised by continuous Read More

ENTRANCE project

14 June 2021|0 Comments

EU-funded ENTRANCE provides a European matchmaking platform and complementary off-line services, designed to mobilise financial resources to accelerate the market access and scale-up of pioneering sustainable transport solutions. Read More

PLATINA3 project

14 June 2021|0 Comments

The EU-funded PLATINA3 project will provide for targeted coordination and support activities to promote inland waterway transport (IWT) in Europe. It will make the bridge towards future research, innovation and implementation needs within IWT in Europe. Read More

IW-Net project

12 September 2020|0 Comments

IW-NET will deliver a multimodal optimisation process across the EU Transport System, increasing the modal share of IWT and supporting the EC’s ambitions to reduce transport GHG emissions by two thirds by 2050." Read More