Welcome to Inland Navigation Week 2023!

This hybrid event will take place on 20-24 March 2023 in Brussels. Join us in person or virtually to better understand the role, contribution, and potential of Inland Waterway Transport (IWT) towards a greener, more resilient, and integrated European transport system.

This event is designed for policymakers, regulators, industry experts and representatives, economic operators and anyone interested in the potential of IWT to become a key partner in Europe’s green, resilient, and integrated transport system.

It comprises a series of insightful and thought-provoking events designed to showcase solutions that promote sustainable transport, reduce CO2 emissions, and enhance the competitiveness of IWT. You can choose to attend all events of the “Inland Navigation Week 2023” or select only the specific ones that interest you.

Practical information:

When:           20-24 March 2023

Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport
Rue du Progrès, 56
Brussels 1210
Online (MS Teams)

20th March (Monday): Greening the fleet and technology matchmaking workshop

  • An overview of the challenges in the transition towards zero emission
  • Technical comparison of alternative energy sources we talk about today (methanol, hydrogen, biofuels, etc.)
  • Exciting projects that are transforming IWT as we speak and can be seen as true pioneers
  • A workshop between all stakeholders where emission-reducing and market-ready solutions are presented to improve market uptake

21st March (Tuesday): Autonomous sailing and Resilience clusters

  • Ensuring the transport infrastructure’s resilience, in particular IWT’s navigability, reducing environmental impact and contributing to Modal Shift is the focus of the resilience cluster.
  • Autonomous sailing’s state of play as well as its future potential will be addressed by the other cluster.
  • Pilot projects will demonstrate what can be achieved in terms of resilience and autonomous sailing.

22nd March (Wednesday): DIWA – Masterplan Digitalization of Inland Waterways, hybrid meeting

  • Industry experts, DG Move and Fairway authorities will present exciting opportunities to learn about the latest developments and the vision on digitalisation in IWT
  • Stakeholders in the IWT industry will share insightful experiences and perspectives by
  • Engaging interactive discussions and feedback sessions on the current direction of the Masterplan DIWA project, like Smart Shipping and data sharing
  • Collaboration and networking with other industry professionals and representatives from the Fairway authorities will be encouraged

23rd– 24th March (Thursday & Friday): the Platina3 Final Event

  • Past, current and potential future policies as well as regulatory pathways covering all relevant aspects of IWT will be addressed.
  • Next to policies also the R&D roadmap for IWT will be presented and debated during the event.
  • Industry experts and interested parties will analyse the challenges and opportunities of the IWT sector, focusing on markets, fleet, jobs and skills, and infrastructure.

Inland Waterway Transport is facing serious challenges and opportunities on its way to becoming an essential partner in the “green resilient and totally integrated transport system” as it has been set out in different initiatives launched by both European and national initiatives.

EU’s funding programmes focusing on Research and Innovation as well as on the development and improvement of new and existing policies and regulations support the broader IWT- community in reaching the targets.

The EU strives to reduce CO2 emissions and maximize modal shift and the IWT community is making progress towards these goals. “Inland Navigation Week 2023” is the perfect occasion to showcase this progress.

During this event, you will have the opportunity to explore the challenges and opportunities facing IWT, and how innovative projects and policies can help to overcome these challenges. We believe that clustering projects around these topics will help to increase the visibility of IWT, particularly regarding innovation.

Register now for “Inland Navigation Week 2023” and be part of the conversation that will shape the future of transport in Europe. Whether you’re attending in person or virtually, we look forward to welcoming you to Brussels.

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