European Inland Waterway Transport (IWT) Platform: its origin  

Thanks to continuous efforts of EBU and ESO, the two associations representing the interests of ” Inland Shipping Enterpreneurs “, succeeded in having EC regulation 718/1999 amended.

In practice this means that since mid 2014 the fund originally intended to be used for Community- fleet capacity policy can also be used to adapt vessels to technical progress, including higher environmental standards. At the same time the amended regulation allows EBU and ESO to strengthen and to mitigate fragmentation. 

For all these purposes the joint platform ” European IWT Platform ” was established. This separate legal entity will be coordinated by the two associations and it will strenghten the industry by participating pro-actively in the decisionmaking processes related to the areas covered by IWT’s Committees.  The platform, which brings together relevant expertise from both EBU and ESO , will be based in Brussels, close to the heart of European IWT policy making.

Inland Waterway Transport: Rivers of opportunities to deliver


The European Inland Waterway Transport Platform (IWT) together with the European Barge Union (EBU) and the European Skippers Organization (ESO) published the leaflet “Inland Waterway Transport: Rivers of opportunities to deliver” to summarize the mission of the Inland waterway transport sector.

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