On 22 June 2021, an online webinar was organised within the framework of our ENTRANCE project.

The European Investment Bank experts – Özhan Yılmaz, PhD DIC and Juliet Dow-Madu – presented the EIB’s funding mechanisms for transport and mobility solution providers across Europe and how these can be applied for deployment projects and scaling up of innovative transport and mobility solutions.

In case you could not follow it live, we would like to share the recorded version on Youtube channel – you can watch it now here!

Please note that soon we will also publish the power point presentation on the Entrance project’s website.
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The ENTRANCE Matchmaking Platform is going to be launched in September and will be a unique connection forum between solution providers, potential buyers and investors.

The platform will increase the visibility of ‘first-of-a-kind’ transport solutions, foreseen replacement plans, schedules of major buyers, together with public and private financing opportunities. Its automatic matchmaking mechanisms will facilitate the scale up, market uptake, and access to finance as well as generate specific alerts in regard to:
Supply-Demand: A matchmaking between potential buyers of the solution, potential replacement plans and schedules, and finally an automatic matchmaking with the platform’s database of public national and European tenders.
Demand-Demand: Replacement plans and schedules are grouped, and buyers’ interests and needs are matched.
Supply-Financial Investor and Demand-Financial Investor: The investors are directly matched with the potential solution providers and buyers that fit with their interests.
Supply-Financing Programme and Demand-Financing Programme: The solution providers and buyers are matched with potential funding programmes that fit with their interests.
Supply-Legislation and Demand-Legislation: The solution providers and buyers are matched with information on the legal framework that is to be applied to the uptake of the innovative transport solutions of their interest.
Supply-Best Practices and Demand-Best Practices: The solution providers and buyers are matched with best practices on how innovative transport and mobility solutions in the same area have been applied.

We look forward to continue our cooperation in this exciting initiative!

The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under Grant Agreement N°101006681