During SMM Hamburg, high-level officials from both public and commercial waterborne transport players emphasized their commitment to research and innovation.

At the stand, the Clean Planet directorate of the Research and Innovation Directorate-General promotes European research and presents how research and innovation contribute to the objectives of the European Green Deal in reaching climate-neutrality in the maritime sector. Today, the stand was opened by high-level representatives of both public and private stakeholders of the European waterborne transport sector. Following the opening of the stand, an informal high-level meeting between representatives from the waterborne transport sector and the European Commission services took place. The participants discussed the significant investments currently being made and put towards research and development by both the public and private side, the importance of a joint strategy to develop and deploy innovative solutions to reach objectives in time, as well as the importance of research and development for the competitiveness of the European waterborne transport sector.

The exchanges during the high-level meeting are of importance for the recently launched Partnership on Zero-Emission Waterborne Transport, a cooperation between the European Commission and the Waterborne Technology Platform. This Partnership aims to develop and demonstrate zero-emission solutions deployable for all main ship types and services before 2030. Rosalinde van der Vlies, Director Clean Planet, Directorate-General for Research and Innovation of the European Commission said: “With the objectives laid down in the European Green Deal, and specifically the objective to cut emissions by 55% by 2030, we have significantly increased the investments in research, development and innovation in the framework of Horizon Europe to accelerate the transition At the same moment in time, the importance of research and innovation to achieve zero-emission waterborne transport is presented and discussed at the stand during SMM. The fruitful meeting with high level representatives of the European waterborne transport sector today highlighted the EU`s commitment towards developing and deploying innovative solutions, and the significant amount of investments made by both the industry and the European Commission.