It is critical to ensure infrastructure in Europe is reliable and efficient while also increasing its sustainability for biodiversity.

In fact, Europe must adapt its current infrastructure to the changing climate (floods, droughts, etc.) and develop creative, long-lasting solutions to the problems of invading species, the extinction of native species, and habitat fragmentation. In addition, the rapid expansion of new transportation infrastructure, particularly in Eastern Europe, must promote economic growth while paying special care to the region’s frequently endemic biodiversity.

In response to these demands, the European Union for the first time sponsors a 3 million euro Coordination and Support Action project on the subject of transportation and biodiversity challenges. The BISON project, one of the final calls under H2020, is timely in that it will lay the foundation and advance research on these subjects in the next European research framework program 2021–2027, (HORIZON EUROPE).

The following particular goals will help the BISON project achieve the aforementioned goal:
– determine what research and innovation is required to mainstream biodiversity in the transportation infrastructure.
-discover the techniques and resources that various transport modes might employ to lessen the burden on biodiversity.
-boost the reliability and performance of the infrastructure.
-assist European Member States in completing their obligations for sustainable development on the regional and global levels.
-encourage cooperation among European Union members so they may take the lead in tackling issues with infrastructure and biodiversity.


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