AGENDA – 28 MARCH 2022 – 13.30-17.00h:

Chair: Paul Goris, President EBU and European IWT Platform

  1. Introduction by the Chair.
  2. Presentation of the Platina 3 Task: “European wide implementation of emission label / energy index for vessels / GLEC” by project partners: Khalid Tachi and Martin Quispel (EICB).
  3. GLEC as existing methodology: presentation by Alain Lewis, Technical Development Director (Smart Freight Centre).
  4. Interactive discussion with the participants.
  5. Closure.
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Background Information

Based on the NAIADES III Program and its Action Plan, the European Commission targeted the Platina 3 project with the “Elaboration of the EU energy index methodology for assessing carbon intensity labels of inland waterway levels”.

This was requested since there is currently no unambiguous methodology for European labelling / indexing / emission performances /… in inland waterway transport! So far, the work of the Platina 3 task is done and several options are now on the table.

The workshop intends to present the results from the Platina 3 task  and to further discuss the needs and expectations from the sector in view of this subject.
It is now IWT sector’s time to consider and decide what scheme or solution would be needed to support it in its endeavour towards greening. This is of a particular importance, in view of the envisaged amendment of the Delegated Act for the greenhouse gas (GHG), and the draft Delegated Act addressing air emissions under Taxonomy Regulation in autumn 2022. For this purpose, a methodology for emission measurements will be required to revise the zero-tailpipe emission target as of 2025. A concrete proposal should be submitted to the European Commission in April 2022.