In the final week of January 2023, the UNECE ADN Safety Committee convened its 41st session.

The Committee was made up of delegates from the Ministries of the Contracting States, the classification societies, safety experts, representatives from the chemical and oil sectors, and representatives from the European organisations EBU/ESO. Participants included Ms. Siebrecht, Mr. Michael Zevenbergen, Mr. Ton Wingelaar, and Mr. Dirk Beernaert on behalf of EBU/ESO.

Associations and ministries in the contracting states developed and debated the working documents and informal materials submitted for decision and discussion prior to the meeting. The EBU/ESO are allowed to submit their own documents/proposals and to make statements, much as the national delegations.

The Safety Committee’s main objective is to regularly examine ADN regulations to determine whether they are still applicable and can be put into operation, as well as whether any changes are necessary.

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