Indeed, during the month of May, we had the opportunity to be on several stages. The Maritime Industry Fair, held every year in Gorinchem ( NL) allowed us to speak about the portfolio of policies the European Commission currently has in mind for Inland Navigation. This fair is 100 % dedicated to the broad community of Inland Navigation. The two other stages offered the occasion to address other communities than just the I.N. one. 

The first one was the “ Smart Freight Week “organized by the Smart Freight Centre which is the founding father of the GLEC- framework. Cargo-owners, Knowledge Institutes, Policy Makers, representatives of the different transport modes, etc, gathered to discuss all aspects of decarbonization. As Platform, we had the chance to moderate a session during which different parties explained the roadmap to Zero-Emission as well as the current measuring practices. Last but not least, there was Heineken presenting their Zero Emission Vessel. 

Apart from the goal to decarbonize, there is also the Platform’s ambition to contribute to a successful realization of the Modal Shift as well as making sure that IWT gets better integrated into the Global Supply Chains. Active participation in an association called ALICE will help us in realizing these goals. Compared to many other associations, approaches the topics of decarbonization, Modal Shift, from a supply chain perspective and not “ transport mode by transport mode “.  At the end of May 40 people gathered to kick off an ALICE-IWT activity program which should help IWT in becoming a more relevant shackle in a totally integrated and decarbonized transport system.