The Waterborne Technology Platform’s General Assembly recently kicked off the next stages in laying the path for the digital transformation of the European waterborne sector to fully realize its promise.

Digitalization is a strategy for improving the European waterborne sector’s safety, sustainability, and competitiveness by leveraging data and innovative applications. The European waterborne sector is currently a global leader in the development and implementation of digital technology and solutions. However, digitalization’s full potential has yet to be realized. The Waterborne Technology Platform will define a goal and vision for the digital transformation of the waterborne industry by 2030 to aid in furthering progress. The research, development, and innovation gaps will be identified based on this goal and vision, in order to establish a cohesive plan to meet its objectives on time.

Being an active member of this technology platform we will help to lay this path while at the same time securing that Inland Navigation is sufficiently addressed in the vision as well as in the objectives. Equally important is to make sure that all links well with the running Naiades 3 program.

The complete press release can be found here – READ HERE