GATE (Green Assistance for Transport and the Environment) is a new initiative that was launched in France to promote a more sustainable future for the inland waterway industry. By connecting waterway operators with an Assistant to Project Owner (AMO), GATE aims to facilitate the transition to greener fleets and reduce the environmental impact of water transport. 

GATE serves as the implementing tool for the REMOVE Program (Modal Shift and Greening of Mass Transport Fleets), specifically in its LOG-te support component. This partnership leverages the expertise of the AMO, who works directly with the inland waterway transporter, jointly steering the project toward sustainable solutions. The AMO is equipped to oversee all aspects of the project, from batteries and electric motors to energy management, shipyard supervision, and detailed technical specifications.

GATE’s services cater to various categories within the inland waterway sector, including small passenger boats, larger passenger vessels, cargo ships, service boats, and push boats. The scope thus encompasses vessels of different sizes and purposes, ensuring a comprehensive approach to sustainability. The accompanying process involves a personalized analysis of each boat’s functioning, energy balance assessments, and tailored technical recommendations. This includes evaluating investment and operational costs, culminating in the development of a roadmap.

The technical intervention scope of GATE aims to promote the adoption of innovative solutions, such as optimized and navigation-profile-adapted propulsion systems, hybridization of propulsion chains, alternatives to traditional generators, adaptation of boats for electric terminals, on-board energy storage (including batteries), energy management systems, and the integration of solar energy on board.

As GATE works towards a more sustainable inland waterway sector, it not only offers technical solutions but also establishes a framework that fosters collaboration, expertise, and financial support for the transition to greener fleets.

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