The EuRIS portal has launched a substantial update, amplifying the user experience and data accessibility for the sector.

User-Centric Innovations Streamline Navigation

The recent update, based on feedback from the user community, has improved the portal’s user-friendliness. The vessel application process is now more intuitive, offering greater flexibility and ease of use. Data visibility has been sharpened and navigation through the portal’s services is smoother with the revamped search and filter functions. The addition of multilingual support, offering object names in local languages, is a thoughtful touch that underscores the portal’s commitment to inclusivity and accuracy.

EuRIS portal’s new features:

  • Improved Notices to Skippers, ensuring vital navigational updates are both clear and visually accessible.
  • Enhanced geographical maps, now displaying a wealth of information such as traffic imagery and hydrometeorological data on a larger
  • Advanced bridge clearance data, presented with greater accuracy to enhance safety and passage planning.
  • Updated operating hours for infrastructure, providing a reliable schedule for voyage planning.
  • A more descriptive voyage calculator, providing clearer instructions foran improved travel experience.
  • General performance, security, and visual enhancements, alongside critical bug fixes, making the portal more reliable.

The new release of the portal includes an enriched API service area. An updated interface documentation with code examples, available at, encourages wider use of the EuRIS services beyond the native web interface. These enhancements aim to simplify the retrieval of real-time vessel positions for fleet owners, a boon for operational efficiency.

A notable advance is the release of 27,000 km of digitised waterway network data and the associated RIS index, all available for download. This initiative opens doors for developers to create tailor-made applications, enriching the sector with innovative solutions.

Looking ahead, EuRIS plans to redesign the route and voyage planners to improve usability and data quality. The expected addition of IENC chart downloads will provide even more detailed navigational assistance.

Launched in September 2022 by 13 European fairway authorities, the portal remains a dynamic platform. Its development is community-driven and welcomes user feedback via the contact form on EuRIS – Contact. Every suggestion is valued, reflecting the collaborative spirit of the inland navigation community.

About EuRIS

The platform at was first released in September 2022 by 13 European fairway authorities. It covers the major interconnected inland waterway network in Europe. EuRIS gives access to static and dynamic information and thus gives actual, 24/7 insight about the waterways.

Skippers and other users can at any time collect real-time information and gain insight in the actual traffic situation on their sailing route, waiting times, incidents or disruptions that affect the travel time. This helps inland waterway users to plan their voyage and arrival times throughout Europe. They can also share information with others, for example their ETA. This is offered in a protected environment, so that the privacy of all users is guaranteed. 

Source: Press release “EuRIS portal for inland navigation introduces new release”