The Gabčíkovo Locks Upgrade, has been a project funded by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) aimed to enhance navigation conditions in the Slovak section of the Danube and along the Rhine-Danube core network corridor . The works on Gabčíkovo locks started in 2016 and were finalized with the official reopening of both locks chambers on 30 October 2023.

Representatives of the European IWT Platform and EBU closely monitored the progress of the works in the past years and witnessed the official opening.

Theresia Hacksteiner, Executive Board Member of the European IWT Platform, highlighted the significance of this project within one of the major inland waterway transportation corridors. The initiative is anticipated to increase the reliability of the IWT sector, ensuring unhingered passage through the lock. In recent years, the sector has faced challenges with frequent unexpected closures, and this project aims to address and alleviate such disruptions.

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Author: Theresia Hacksteiner