IWT-P’s colleagues, representating EBU, closely followed the discussions at the International Labour Organization (ILO) Headquarters in Geneva from 20 to 24 November. Here, representatives from governments, employers, and workers gathered for tripartite sectoral international meetings. During these sessions, consensus was reached on concrete measures to enhance the living and working conditions of inland water transport workers and establish a level-playing field in the sector.

The conclusions drawn from the meetings highlighted the importance of the inland waterway transport sector in passenger and goods transport for economic development. It was acknowledged the potential of the sector as an environmentally sustainable mode of transportation, while recognizing its underexploited status.

The recommendations agreed upon primarily focused on addressing challenges faced by IWW workers, including skills gaps, safety concerns related to technological advancements, and the excessive informality within the sector. The emphasis was put on transitioning towards formality, fostering social dialogue, and attracting skilled workers, with a specific focus on encouraging the inclusion of youth and women into the workforce.

All the documents generated from the meetings have been published on ILO’s website at the following link: