Full value chains for innovative biofuel and non-biological renewable fuel manufacturing will be demonstrated.

The following HORIZON EUROPE Funding call in the sustainable, reliable, and competitive energy supply destination is available from May 26 to October 27. With a total budget of 20 million euros and a maximum investment per project of 10 million euros, demonstration of comprehensive value chains for advanced biofuel and non-biological renewable fuel generation.

Proposals should show innovative and cost-effective sustainable value chains for advanced biofuels or non-biological renewable fuels (other than hydrogen as a final product) across the whole cycle, from feedstock to end usage. Biochemical, thermochemical, biological, chemical, electrochemical, and other biochemical, thermochemical, biological, chemical, and electrochemical pathways, as well as combinations of these, should be examined. Any sustainable biomass feedstock, such as residues and wastes, as well as biogenic CO2 or industrial CO2 and renewable hydrogen, as well as the conversion’s input energy, should be considered. Proposals should strive towards better performance in terms of efficiency, sustainability, and cost reduction, while demonstrating value creation along the value chain phases. Any appropriate end use may be addressed by complete value chains.

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