On June 8th and 9th the 4th  Platina 3 Stage event was held. IWT policymakers from all viewpoints, demand and supply side professionals, interested NGOs, research and academic specialists were all asked to participate on the following themes:

  • Encouragement and facilitation of the usage of IWT through policy and regulatory initiatives
  • Funding and finance for the European IWT fleet’s energy transition
  • Infrastructure implementation roadblocks and recommended solutions

On a European level, a number of initiatives have already been launched to help the energy transition and increase the modal shift towards IWT, which is recognized as a safe, sustainable, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective mode of transportation. Energy transition is a difficult process for IWT, and it need sector adaptation and a transitional route, as well as policy alignment and strong political backing at the EU level.

The PLATINA3 collaboration seeks to increase stakeholder participation and improve the effectiveness of support for transportation research and innovation. As a result, the project focuses on four areas that are most important for IWT’s success:

In light of modal shift and synchro modality, integration and digitization of IWT:

  • fleet with zero emissions, automation, and climate resilience;
  • skilled workforce anticipating automation and zero emissions;
  • waterway and port infrastructure that is smart and climate resilient with sustainable energy centers.