Physical Internet and its Implications for Global Supply Chains

International Physical Internet Conference (IPIC) will take place on 13-15 June 2023 in Athens, bringing together experts and stakeholders to explore the evolving landscape of logistics. Among the speakers, Nik Delmeire, Coordinator of EU IWT Platform and Vice Chair ALICE TP, will shed light on the state of the art of inland waterway transport (IWT) regarding standards, interoperability, and open connectivity during the conference’s first plenary session.

The Physical Internet, a concept promoting seamless integration and efficient transportation with zero emissions, captured Nik Delmeire’s attention through the ALICE Technology Platform. Recognizing the potential benefits for global supply chains, Nik, representing cargo owners, fully embraced the idea. Now, as a representative of barge owners/operators facilitating transportation on European waterways, his support for the Physical Internet remains steadfast.

Nik Delmeire’s intervention at IPIC 2023 will provide a comprehensive overview of the current status and future prospects of IWT in relation to standards, interoperability, and open connectivity. With the aim of achieving global logistics efficiency and sustainability, the Physical Internet Initiative seeks to revolutionize traditional paradigms of transportation, storage, and supply chain management. This visionary concept, introduced by Professor Benoit Montreuil in 2006, has garnered significant interest from scientific, industrial, and governmental communities worldwide.

IPIC serves as a platform for researchers, industry representatives, government officials, and citizens to explore, discuss, and introduce leading-edge concepts, methodologies, and technological advancements for implementing the Physical Internet. Key topics include Logistics Nodes, Logistics Networks, System of Logistic Networks, Access and Adoption, Governance, as well as emerging business models and enabling technologies. The conference will also showcase ongoing experiments and initiatives, offering unparalleled opportunities for learning, networking, and exchanging ideas on interconnected logistics.

Participants from various corners of the globe, including researchers, industrial and international institution members, local authorities, and standardization committees, will gather to foster collaborative dialogue and shape the future of logistics. Key areas of focus encompass interconnected logistics, PI fundamentals, business models, governance and implementation, cross-chain control, synchromodal transportation, IT systems, stakeholders, and their respective roles.

IPIC 2023 serves as a catalyst for innovation, facilitating the emergence of interconnected and sustainable supply chains on a global scale.