The EU IWT Platform is pleased to announce the release of its Annual Report for the year 2022. It showcases the Platform’s activities and accomplishments from the previous year and also presents its vision for the challenging times ahead.

To delve into the complete report, simply click HERE! Within its pages, you will find several chapters that cover the work carried out by the IWT Platform’s various committees. Let’s explore some of the highlights from each section:


This chapter provides an overview of the EU IWT Platform’s coordination efforts throughout 2022, including internal matters and external developments. It also outlines the EU IWT Platform’s scope, emphasizing its commitment to promoting and enhancing inland navigation.

Innovation & Greening Committee

Discover the Committee’s focus on fostering innovation within the sector. The report highlights initiatives related to innovative greening, digitalization, and modal shift, all aimed at propelling the inland navigation industry into a sustainable and efficient future.

Environment & Safety Committee

This section delves into crucial matters concerning the environment and safety. It covers CDNI regulations, addressing various waste types, as well as safety regulations under the ADN framework. The IWT Platform’s dedication to mitigating environmental impact and ensuring safety standards are met is evident in this chapter.

Social & Education Committee

Learn about the Committee’s initiatives in areas such as professional qualifications, European manning regulations, digital tool regulation, market access fitness checks, human factors in accidents, social dialogue, and recruitment campaigns. These efforts highlight the EU IWT Platform’s commitment to fostering a skilled workforce and improving working conditions in the sector.

Nautical & Technical Committee

This chapter focuses on technical regulations and nautical aspects specific to inland navigation. It sheds light on the latest developments in these areas, showcasing the IWT Platform’s dedication to maintaining high standards and safety protocols.

Infrastructure Committee

Addressing the urgent need for infrastructure investments and the impact of the low-water situation on European waterways, this section underscores the challenges faced by the industry. It also highlights significant achievements, such as the Danube Ministerial conclusions and collaborations with international commissions for the protection of rivers. Additionally, it provides insights into day-to-day operations and challenges.

EU Funded Projects

Explore the IWT Platform’s involvement in various EU-funded projects, including PLATINA3, IW-NET, ENTRANCE, PIONEERS, DT4GS, and ReNEW. These collaborative endeavours further reinforce the IWT Platform’s commitment to driving positive change within the industry.

To get a closer look at the report’s contents, follow the link here below and immerse yourself in the wealth of information provided.

Enjoy reading and stay tuned for the exciting opportunities that lie ahead!