Mark Harbers, Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management of The Netherlands, welcomed on 11 and 12 May the coordinators of three TEN-T corridors in Amsterdam for an exchange about Synergy projects in Transport, Energy and Digital Networks. 

In his welcome speech, he emphasised the need for close cooperation between all parties involved to achieve more resilient and energy-sustainable transport in line with the EU Green Deal. To accomplish these goals significant investments are required, including public and private investments and investing in renewable energy and digitalisation.

Dorine Bosman, Chief Investment Officer, Port of Amsterdam, hosting the event pointed to the importance of transport infrastructure for citizens and the economy. In this context, ports are made up of ecosystems and need to have synergies between transport, energy, and digital networks. 

According to coordinators of the three corridors involved, Catherine Trautmann, European Coordinator NSB Corridor, Péter Balázs, European Coordinator NSMED Corridor and Pawel Wojciechowski, European Coordinator RALP Corridor it was beneficial to have three TEN-T CNC in a common WG meeting to discuss new solutions for logistics and businesses to ensure high volume traffic flows through Europe towards the background of environmental, energy and digital challenges. Given the current war in UA, the focus also was on how to enhance links with neighbouring countries and how to strengthen military infrastructure. 

The main environmental challenges are noise and pollution, including water pollution. It is important to have a transition from road to rail and inland waterways, to have cross-border links, and to develop green CNC. It is difficult to speak about the European Green Deal without synergies between the energy and transport sectors.

During the two-day Joint Working Group meeting the participants in various sessions and during the networking parts discussed how to address these challenges in practice-based synergies within energy, transport and digital networks. 

In various presentations, the financing opportunities of synergy projects out of CEF funding as well as gained practical experiences were shared. RH2INE was one of the first projects facilitated by Synergy Networks on TEN-T Corridors.

Further synergies are to be explored with the TEN-T corridors in the future. 

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Author: Theresia Hacksteiner