On 2 June 2023, the Sustainable Transport Forum (STF) held a productive Plenary meeting, followed by a joint meeting of its sub-groups on Governance and Standards, Data, and Public Authorities. The forum provided an opportunity for stakeholders to address crucial matters and exchange insights on advancing sustainable transport.

During the plenary meeting, participants engaged in discussions on several important topics. The agenda included deliberations on the work planning of the renewed Sustainable Transport Forum, a proposal to establish a new sub-group dedicated to infrastructure deployment for alternative fuels (AF) heavy-duty vehicles, updates on Fitfor55 legislative files, such as the (provisionally) agreed Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR), and the presentation of the 2022 Consumer Monitor results conducted by EAFO/VUB. Additionally, the participants explored options for sustaining the consumer monitor in the upcoming years.

The joint meeting of the STF sub-groups offered valuable insights into the progress made by each subgroup. Participants received updates on the standardization of e-mobility communication protocols, the establishment of a common data framework for alternative fuels, and the various recommendations for public authorities to promote the deployment of suitable recharging infrastructure in their respective territories.

The Sustainable Transport Forum remains committed to driving sustainable transportation practices and fostering collaboration among key stakeholders. The plenary and sub-group meetings served as crucial platforms for knowledge exchange, consensus-building, and charting the path forward to achieve greener and more efficient transportation systems.

In this context, the IWT Platform is committed to building upon the STF’s past and current accomplishments, fostering synergies with existing STF initiatives, and actively exploring opportunities to advance greening priorities and address the specific needs of the Inland Waterway Transport (IWT) Sector within the framework of STF.


Author: Janeta Toma