Earlier this year, NOVIMOVE project team identified the crosslinks between EU-funded projects in a field of waterborne innovation. An initiative was taken to strengthen the ties between the respective projects’ teams, which resulted in a meeting on the 8th of March 2021.

There are several reasons to gather as a reference group:

– Cooperation & insight on how to learn from each other
– Providing a regular feedback on ongoing activities and policy plans
– Complementing each other’s actions to achieve bigger impact
– Facilitating dissemination & cooperation with stakeholders’ groups
– Building up a momentum for future actions

Recently, on the 7th of September, a second meeting for Horizon2020 projects’ coordinators was organised as they are progressing significantly. Latest developments were shared and the teams looked for dissemination opportunities.

Which projects are participating?

Below you can find information from Cordis database and projects’ websites:

1. PLATINA3project website
3. ENTRANCEproject website 
5. IW-NETproject website 
6. AUTOSHIPproject website 
8. NOVIMOVE & project website 

Also, two other projects were introduced to the group:
Current Direct
Smart Track 4 Waterway project

The Horizon Projects meeting will convene again.
Interested to participate?
Do not hesitate to contact us!