On February 8, 2024, the European Inland Waterway Transport (IWT) Platform  participated in the launching event of the H2 Barge 2, a retrofitted hydrogen-powered vessel, at the port facility in Werkendam, The Netherlands. This event marked a significant milestone in the realm of sustainable transportation, showcasing the transformative potential of hydrogen technology in the inland navigation sector.

Hosted by Future Proof Shipping, the event not only highlighted the successful launch of H2 Barge 2 but also delved into the intricate safety measures and technological advancements associated with the vessel’s propulsion system. The conversion of H2 Barge 2 from a conventional propulsion system to a zero-emission powerhouse stands as a testament to the ongoing efforts toward decarbonization within the IWT sector.

Mr. Richard Klatten, CEO of Future Proof Shipping, has proudly announced a significant milestone in the company’s pursuit of green shipping solutions. The introduction of H2 Barge 2 signifies a notable reduction in emissions, with an expected annual decrease of 3,000 tonnes of CO2 along the Rhine route. The feasibility and scalability of H2 Barge 2 are underscored by its deployment in the Rotterdam-Duisburg route, where approximately 80% of Rhine cargo traffic flows.

The European IWT Platform is delighted to have  been part of  this event, which reaffirms the commitment of stakeholders to promote sustainable practices in the inland waterway transport sector. Initiatives such as  H2 Barge 2, highlight the importance of collaboration and innovation driving the IWT sector  towards a future of zero-emissions and resilience for inland waterway transport.