A truly integrated transport system for sustainable and efficient transport of people and freight is based on an open system of assets, resources and services operated by individual companies. All is fully visible and accessible and as such creates a network of networks. Coordination should be in a manner that is economically, environmentally and socially efficient , secure and sustainable. The system, of which all transportmodes are part, will be based on physical, digital and operational connectivity. This vision is meanwhile carried by policymakers, opinionmakers and the industry. Why should IWT not share this vision and move in that direction !?

I&G ’s mission is to follow closely and stimulate actively all relevant initiatives that one way or another bring us closer to this integrated transport system.

First objective is the implementation or integration of innovative solutions that contribute to the continuous improvement of Inland Waterway Transport as such and to make it a more attractive and greener transportmode than it already is.

Second objective is to demonstrate that Inland Navigation is at the forefront of this evolution towards the Integrated Transportsystem .