In order to keep IWT both attractive and competitive as a transportmode, it will take a modern and flexible crewing system that perfectly balances the needs of crews in terms of trainings and social security, the safety of shipping and the attractiveness of the profession.

The committee’s mission is to take responsibility for all matters relating to personnel, crews, crew regulations, labour and social legislation, social security systems, employment contracts, training, professional qualifications and labour market.

The objective is to further develop the training standards, comparability of training and free movement of workers and reducing shortage of personnel. Equally important is to ensure social security for workers on board and preventing unfair competition based on low social standards. Last but not least S & E aims at strengthening the position of IWT operators as employers, ensuring their rights, avoiding unnecessary administrative burdens and working  towards maintaining a clear distinction between manning regulation on the one hand and labour law on the other

We do this by participating in the relevant meetings of  EU, CCNR, CESNI/QP and sub-working groups and the Social Dialogue and its sub-working groups, bringing in the views of the industry, making our own suggestions and providing expertise. We maintain intensive contact with our social partners ( ETF) , develop common positions as far as possible and take our own positions where necessary.