The IWT Platform Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Janeta Toma as General Manager of the IWT Platform effective 1st of October 2023. This strategic decision precedes the retirement of Mr. Nik Delmeire set for mid–2024. This forward-thinking move ensures an adequate transition period facilitating the seamless handover of duties and the continuity of ongoing projects and activities of the IWT Platform. Mr. Nik Delmeire, credited with successfully steering the IWT Platform over the past 4 years will now assume a pivotal Senior Advisory role, where his expertise will be invaluable in managing key projects and initiatives supporting the Platform’s strategic objectives.

Janeta Toma, an economist, holds a MSc in Maritime Affairs from the World Maritime University in Malmo, Sweden. She has over 15 years of experience in waterborne transport domain. Throughout her career, she has contributed to EU transport policy and project development and implementation, collaborating with institutions and organizations across national, regional, and EU levels. Serving as policy and project officer for the European Commission, various EU agencies, and entities she played an instrumental part in devising relevant initiatives benefiting the competitiveness and sustainability of waterborne transport sector. Her extensive involvement has equipped her with a thorough understanding of EU transport and infrastructure policies and priorities, including horizontal aspects like social and environmental sustainability, international affairs, and research & innovation. Furthermore, she’s well-versed in the intricacies of the IWT sector, understanding its complex interplay with stakeholders, its legal framework and institutional governance, market dynamics, and prevalent challenges.

Janeta Toma joined the IWT Platform as a Senior Policy Officer in mid-September 2022, actively contributing the implementation of IWT projects and initiatives. By 2023, she represented the IWT Platform in the Sustainable Transport Forum and became a Member of the Delegates Group to the co-programmed Partnership on Zero Emissions Waterborne Transport (ZEWT) Board.

Starting 1st of October 2023  she will be responsible for strengthening and ensuring the efficient operation of the IWT Platform, overseeing the Brussels office, coordinating various committees and ensuring stakeholder engagement and representation.

Paul Goris, President of the IWT Platform, commented “We are confident that Janeta Toma’s appointment positions us strongly to further consolidate the IWT Platform and contribute towards addressing upcoming challenges in the IWT sector. We extend our congratulations and assure her of our full trust and support in her new role as General Manager of the IWT Platform”.

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General Manager
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