The EU PLATINA3 project on inland waterway transport (IWT) needs your support by taking part in a short survey on the role of shippers/brokers or vessel owners in the greening challenge.

Within PLATINA3, a specific task is dedicated to improving the funding and financing conditions for investing in green technologies. European Shippers’ Council is in charge of this task and this is where we kindly ask for your input. Shippers and brokers may play a significant role for the evolution of vessels towards zero-emission.

You can participate in the survey via ESC’s website by clicking on the link below here:

Further information

The PLATINA3 project aims at promoting inland waterway transport by providing targeted coordination and support activities. The project addresses priority topics for the success of IWT according to four segments:
• Integration & digitalization of IWT in view of modal shift & synchromodality;
• Zero-emission, automated & climate resilient fleet;
• Skilled workforce anticipating to zero-emission & automation;
• Smart & climate resilient waterway and port infrastructure with clean energy hubs.

European Shippers’ Council is one of the excellent partners in our large PLATINA3 consortium. More information on the project and ESC’s role can be found on ESC’s project site and PLATINA3 website. If you want to receive frequent updates on the project, you may wish to register for the PLATINA3 newsletter via this contact form.

The PLATINA3 project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under
Grant Agreement N°101006364.